About Us
 Jennifer Spangler has not always been a lawyer. Growing up in Ottawa, Kansas, she understood the value of Community and the strength that comes when you treat each and every person like you would a family member. This passion for people was instilled in her from a young age working with her dad in his own business where he was awarded the Best of the Best in Franklin County for many years. After 10 years of working multiple jobs throughout the panhandle of Oklahoma, Jennifer decided to pursue her dream of owning her own law office. After many years of sacrifice for her three kids and herself, she finally achieved her goal with the opening of her very own law office on Main Street in her hometown of Ottawa, Kansas. The same kind of love and devotion she expresses with her own family is the same devotion she brings to her clients.
In Jennifer’s own words, “Whether it is an adoption, creating a family, or a divorce in which we create a new normal, what I do makes the future better. I plan estates so that loved ones will be cared for even when you are gone. I draw up the paperwork to create a business and help build a dream. Every day is a good day, and every tomorrow will be better.”